Ankit Patel is a dynamic sculptor who makes solid matter into curvaceous movement.The curves seek to suggest that solids are liquids.
His forms create human rhythms of bodies which are elastic and suggest elasticity of the human body where flesh is breathing.
His Kinetic creations which exude from in every movement can only be revealed by his skill and presentation.

Mulk Raj Anand

The series “The Play of Life” encompasses the entire gamut of life situations. Sculptures are beautifully crafted, each having gracious or sensuous flow.
His curvaceous pieces of art are earthy yet dramatic and effortlessly leave an eternal impression in our souls.
Though the works are still, one can feel the silent conversations happening. My friend Dr. Mulk Raj Anand in his inimitable style used to personify his work of art as “emotion in motion”. Ankit Patel’s contours, curves and chisels are simply majestic.
They are sculptures, yes; but one can identify with them as dynamic real beings, so full of life! While the sculptures are painstakingly constructed, they exhibit a vibrant spontaneity. There is inherent structural strength in his forms & figures that gives a sense of great delight & admiration.

Padma Shri Dr. Prakash Kothari

Surat-born, Baroda-trained and now settled in cosmopolitan Jaipur, Ankit Patel’s sculpture reflects many cross-currents. Born in 1957, he is young enough to appreciate not only the winds of change sweeping the country and the world today, but also, having exhibited his work as far afield as Canada and China, he has a very good idea of global tastes in art. It is to his credit though that he still retains his pristine roots in the rhythms, forms and even resonances of Indian village life and the capacity to harmonize these with those of contemporary industrial India. This is possible as the past and present coexist here in a manner that they have ceased to do in the West today, giving his work an Indian flavour without losing its modernity in a cross-cultural context.
The two things that strike one in the works being exhibited at the Chawla Art Gallery are the flowing linearity that gives his figures life and motion, coupled with the interplay of vertical, horizontal and circular forms in the tradition of high modernism. In his bronzes one finds a powerful understanding of the close interrelation of the figurative and non-figurative in art that is characteristic of our contemporary Indian artistic expression and gives it a unique character that has made our contemporary art popular all over the world.
The content of the sculptures is lively and topical, delicately linking the field of leisure with that of production, a link we are fast losing in a period of growing inequalities that breed a narrow stratum of lotus eaters on the one hand and a vast mass of the underprivileged on the other, existing in an environment of all work and no play counterposed with a veneer of a make believe ‘incredible India’. This is obviously not something that true artists can play along with. That is why his sculptures in this exhibition remind us of the need to maintain a balance between these two worlds coming apart at a very fast pace. The manner in which he blends the instruments of productive processes and of the playing field aesthetically in his works is of enormous significance in his expression.
Therefore his sculpture are not devoid of the understanding of the need to communicate the relational aspect of inequality from the angle of the passage of time, gender and other criteria, as we can see from a sculpture of a man going in front with a walking sticks and an umbrella while his wife trails behind him, carrying a heavy suitcase. Here we find him focussing on social and gender inequalities that make balanced growth and progress even more difficult than ever. But characteristically he offers a way out in another sculpture of a man on wheels supporting a woman holding a spiraling from that evokes liberation. This sculpture harmonizes technology with labour and gender equality and presages smooth upward development that leaves no one behind. Obviously it is a lyrical expression of hope in the future, communicating an optimism in his work that cannot but draw us closer to it to appreciate its aesthetic qualities more fully.

Ankit Patel: Lively Bronzes
By Suneet Chopra


Ankit Patel’s sculptures reflect a style that has a global appeal. The works evoke emotion with their interplay of figurative & abstract with texture.
“Serenity” & “Togetherness” reflect energizing chemistry and compatibility that the couple shares. “Looking Ahead” takes us to a mental state of optimism as the couple envisions their future. “Dance of Life” with its rhythmic feel of motion has a philosophical tone. Leaving the viewer in a pensive mood, reflecting on life itself. “Quite Companions” force us to find time in this fast pace of contemporary life to enjoy simple, laid back pleasures.
The sculpture’s mastery & skill resulted in creating bronze into dynamic, amazing, life-like creations. Ankit Patel imaged a being and created the same.

Shibani Chawla
Partner, Chawla Art Gallery